Transport of medicines, health products and cosmetics;

National transport


Truck transport and Domestics Flights, whether the option is by road transport or air transport, the Halley Express covers over 5000 municipalities through their own or approved partners bases. Service basis for collections and deliveries.

  • Transportation of biological samples (UN 2814 / UN 3373);
  • Control and record the temperature of the products during transport;
  • Vehicle with a cooling system for the transport of drugs and biological materials;
  • Own fleet;
  • Critical analysis of the fleet and monthly maintenance plan;
  • Trained and qualified employees;
  • Risk management system;
  • Gathers and deliveries in the country;
  • Individual monitoring of all shipments from the request gathers to the delivery.

International transport


We have a large scope for export in more than 200 countries through approved partners, and we have a highly trained and qualified team dedicated to customs clearance in Guarulhos.

  • Orders, biological samples, collect kits related to clinical research and documents;
  • Trained and qualified employees;
  • Full assistance in the customs clearance process of express delivery import and export: transport, documentation for approval, optional services, transit times, certified packaging and others.
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